Who We Are

Who We Are

MedCare Ukraine is founded by two passionate and driven women who, above all, want to help others fulfill their dreams.

Whatever your pain is we’ll look for the right solution, so you get to live your best life. These days true luxury is about an individual approach. That is why we tailor meaningful & relevant experiences to match your needs,  empowering your individual identity. 

Because we care. Because we believe that healthy, fulfilled people make the best parents, the best friends, the best neighbors and colleagues. And they make our world a better place. This is why we do what we do. 


  • Finding the right medical solution
  • Knowing you’re in good hands, connected to the some of the most talented and forward-thinking doctors
  • Getting the advanced care you need at a reasonable price 
  • Having all your appointments made for you for easy and hassle free experience
  • Feeling supported. Getting fast answers to your questions by compassionate, loving guides

We are those guides. 

What we have in common? We share the same mission of living a happy purposeful life. We also have 20+ years of friendship behind us and care as a central concept of who we are and what we do. It’s how we feel towards our clients, colleagues & life in general! 


Hello, I'm Alona

My father was a surgeon, pediatrician and ambulance doctor in Ukraine, and my access to top care has always been quick and easy. I thought this what healthcare was like for everyone. And I was wrong! As an adult, I moved to Scandinavia and traveled the world, where I interacted with other healthcare systems. Especially after becoming a mom, I discovered how difficult it is to access specialized care that doesn’t cost you much time and nerves.

I missed the individual approach, accurate & timely diagnosis. I often felt like I was getting “one size fits all” solutions until we hit the right one (if we ever do). This often resulted in being in pain long-term, taking unnecessary medicine, and wasting time. During 15 years of experience as a volunteer manager for social projects, I worked with people with chronic conditions and addictions. And I saw how difficult it was for them to get the right timely care too.

I became driven to help people experience top-notch care. So I looked to my roots & skills. I decided to start an advisory that could connect people that did not find the right help in their countries with the best care abroad. Having a Master of Science behind me, I also hold a degree in Psychology & Psychosomatics. I am currently studying Physiology too as I believe in the importance of holistic approach, based on understanding of social-mind-body aspects.
Advising people on life-changing opportunities fills my heart with purpose & joy.

Hello, I'm Alona
Hi, I'm Julia

Hi, I'm Julia

My son was diagnosed with a rare disease in early childhood and doctors, also outside Ukraine, were giving him a very sad prognosis. They wanted him to undergo an operation with a high risk of being handicapped as a result.

Only by a miraculous coincidence did I get the right information that saved my son from having to have this surgery. We were lucky to get a quick appointment with a very experienced professor here in Kyiv. As a result, my son got the right diagnosis.

The other doctors were mistaken about his condition and wanted to treat his symptoms in a very radical way. I felt so blessed to find someone who had the experience to give a correct diagnosis.

Now my son is a happy teenager & feeling well. All it took were simple recommendations concerning his diet & certain physical exercise!

I have always believed that anything is possible, and that all barriers to our goals exist in our own minds. But it’s not always easy to get what we need. Sometimes we need a guide, someone who can point us in the right direction when we’re seeking answers.

My mission is to be that guide for anyone who needs answers and access to the right information and doctors fast.

Our Partners

Soul is not something one leaves at home (c)

We carefully choose our partners based on insider information about  how they started, their reputation, who they are & why they do it. 

Our professional, credible and like-minded partners are spread out over 10 industries and 32 countries, but we all share a passion for patient-oriented care. We consider them an extension of the MedCare Ukraine team and are incredibly grateful for their active position. 

We cooperate with top private medical centers, doctor associations, patient support groups, global medical tourism association, international foundations, tourism & hospitality representatives, public authorities & legal advisors. It’s a dynamic process though, and we constantly monitor the medical market for new opportunities & innovative solutions.

Together, we’ll help you achieve your health & wellness goals. And you’ll leave a chosen medical destination with exactly what you came for – unparalleled care, peace of mind and dreams fulfilled.

Our Partners
Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Our purpose is reflected in our personal values. And therefore we yearn for something more than just business success. We’re searching for meaning and find it in what we do & how we do it. 

We believe that the solutions we present & the care we provide truly make an impact in people’s lives. And for some of them, it’s the only available option. Timely, quality healthcare at a reasonable cost also gives people & their families more freedom and financial security.

We also actively give back to the community by: 

  • Educating people and fighting health related disinformation.
  • Supporting sustainable changes in the medical system (SDG #3).
  • Contributing to the development of a strong preventive health care culture, namely regular health check-ups, which still are underestimated by the majority.  Even though they save lives.

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