Age management

Optimizing health & delaying degenerative aging

Best Practices for Sustaining Health & Youth

Your real age may differ from what’s in your pass by 15-20 years. And it’s up to you which way. Sustaining youth is a difficult science, but our specialists from conceptual club clinics for premium care make it an enjoyable experience.

Age management medicine is about finding individual answers and the right science-based, proactive protocols to increase & maintain a high level of your health and beauty at any age.

Results from extensive health and lifestyle evaluations, as well as advanced diagnostics, help age-management physicians customize a health-transforming plan for you ensuring the best result. They  incorporate smart nutrition, hormone balancing, stress management, cognitive health and lifestyle changes, and emerging sciences, such as regenerative medicine and genomics.

Premium Setting

Club clinics offer smart solutions for your absolute comfort:

  • full cycle of interactions under one roof: you can pass all laboratory tests, genetic testing, get advice or referral to a specialist of any profile
  • individual accompaniment on the all-inclusive program. Diagnosis, preparation of a treatment plan, work with related doctors, development of nutrition and sports program, selection of cosmetology and therapeutic treatments, selection of cosmetics for home care and orthomolecular drugs

Health is a lifestyle and age management is a habit of surrounding yourself only with the best, down to the finest detail.

Change Begins Here

In our exclusive club clinics, you find the best technologies to fulfill any of your desires & needs. The expert team of the best integrative specialists & innovative doctors makes sure, that the time spent in the clinic gives you the most value: perfect reflection in the mirror and additional years of quality life. What to expect?

  • HighTech devices and classic cosmetology
  • injection techniques and exclusive rejuvenation programs | KLEONIKA, Exosome Beauty
  • bioidentical hormones | BHRT from Brussels and pellets from S -o Paulo
  • innovative stem cell therapy programs |Tokyo
  • top cosmetology services and premium service, individual accompaniment of the best age management experts in one location

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Europe, Kyiv | Ukraine
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