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Beauty and Youth Supported From Inside

Preventive medicine and therapies, that prevent the aging and withering of the body’s regenerative capacities are becoming increasingly popular in the world. Now one of the most effective anti-age therapies is the use of stem cells.

The stem cells injection is indicated both to young people for prevention of age-associated diseases, and to more mature people for rejuvenation, intensification of regenerating processes, and correction of acquired pathology. We offer you a unique integrated approach to preserve your youth and health.

The basis of the Anti-Age Program is the injection of stem cells and placenta extract injections. The program also includes a complete diagnosis of the patient, medical procedures of organism purification, and its saturation with macro-and micronutrients.

Heal Your Skin & Preserve Its Beauty

Dermal fibroblast (DF) therapy is a safe and effective way to heal your skin. It protects your skin and restores its functions from the inside. Therefore this method is much more effective compared to any other product that is applied on the surface of the skin.

Fibroblasts are the primary cell type of connective tissue that produces the extracellular matrix (collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and elastin), maintaining the integrity of organs and tissues. They are widely used in cell therapy of skin diseases:
● to prevent skin aging;
● for the treatment of wounds, including diabetic ulcers and burns;
● to treat acne scars.
In anti-aging therapy, fibroblast injections induce skin regeneration processes, improve its appearance, elasticity, and turgor. After therapy, there is a decrease in the manifestations of wrinkles. Fibroblasts are also used in hereditary skin diseases such as bullous epidermolysis.

What to Expect After the Cell Therapy?

Stem cells injection:

  • starts regeneration process of all tissues and organs
  • stimulates local regeneration of all skin layers & collagen synthesis, thus rejuvenating the skin
  • normalizes body weight
  • improves blood vessels walls & heart
  • optimizes work of the neuroendocrine
  • corrects detoxification function of the liver
  • increases a sex drive and gives energy
  • activates immune systems & the antitumor factors

Thus, the comprehensive Anti-Age Program slows down the aging process at the cellular level and prevents diseases associated with metabolic disruptions. This will ensure a higher body functional activity at any age.

Clinic location:
Europe, Kyiv | Ukraine
Costs: from 12 000 EUR. The BEST European price. The price includes 5 days stay (medical treatment, 4-star accommodation, meals).

Europe | Switzerland
Costs: from 40 000 EUR.
The price includes 2-3 days’ stay (medical treatment, 4-star accommodation, meals).

Health Your Skin and Preserve Your Beauty Longest Possible.

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