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Innovative Technologies Can Maintain Your Health

Today innovative medical technologies introduce new ways to maintain health, longevity and quality aging for you and your children. More than 20 million people have already used stem cell therapy, national stem cell banks continue to emerge. Every two weeks, a new study about stem cell usage is published.

Why choose our clinics?

Our clinics are professional biotechnological companies. They not only isolate and store stem cells, like most umbilical cord blood banks, but also have the expertise to perform treatments. They:
● Own cell bank & laboratory of cell cultures and tissues
● Isolate and cultivate stem cells; test cells for infectious lesions & compliance with the definition criteria: phenotype, ability to form colonies, the potential for differentiation
●As they preserve stem cells, not tissues. Therefore you will not have to wait until the tissue defrosts and cells are isolated. And our specialists can urgently prepare cells in 24 hours
● Hold an expertise to prepare any therapeutic dose upon request
●Can form a personal stem cell bank for you & your child.

Bio Insurance For Your Child

Taking an umbilical cord blood sample to obtain stem cells is not the only way to ensure a child’s health. There is another way — to preserve milk teeth.
The pulp of the baby tooth has a hermetically sealed space, which contains unique stem cells derived from the neural crest.
These cells can transform into cells of various tissues and organs:
● bones
● cartilage
● brain and spinal cord
● cornea and other structures of the eye
● blood vessels and even the heart.

Bio Insurance for Adults

A sharp decrease in the number of stem cells and a decline in their potential is one of the causes of aging. Such changes reduce the possibility of regeneration of tissues and organs. The bio insurance program solves this problem. Preservation of stem cells in youth will help maintain health and protect yourself from the development of hereditary, chronic diseases, or injuries. We guarantee the reliable preservation of high quality stem cells.

Bio insurance programs can be tailored to your needs and quality of life expectations. Request your free consultation with a specialist.


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