March 13 2021

Body Detox

Often our concern for a baby starts when we get pregnant. But given the toxic load, we carry around and the fact that a baby will partially inherit it, we should be doing a detox before trying to conceive. And it is worth the effort as, unfortunately, babies today are born pre-polluted.

In the past 60 years, we’ve seen more toxins enter our environment than ever before. Normally, one plus one equals two. With toxins, however, the combination of two is often as much as ten times more dangerous.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a continued escalation in health conditions affecting kids, from allergies to autoimmune diseases and a massive rise of kids with autism. Many of these conditions can be traced back to environmental toxin exposure.
These exposures also affect our fertility and genetics, and we pass the impact down to our babies at conception. In fact, several studies have shown that at the time of birth, babies already have nearly 300 different environmental chemicals detectable in their blood, 200 of which are known to cause cancer, do damage to the brain and nervous system.
As each following generation inherits the toxins of the previous ones, the diseases like diabetes, obesity, ADD, autism, cancers become more frequent and younger.

“Washout” studies demonstrate that just in the span of days, we can eliminate significant amounts of toxins from our bodies, particularly herbicides and pesticides coming from foods, and thus lower systemic toxic levels. So it’s worth spending a few months, ideally, “cleaning up” our bodies and toxin exposure before conception whenever possible.
Therefore we encourage parents-to-be to do pre-conceiving deep detox. Which, by the way, increases fertility too.
Important! Ideally, women shouldn’t do a deep intentional detox within six weeks of getting pregnant, because if you do release a lot of toxins and get pregnant during that time, the baby is potentially getting a significant load into his or her tiny developing body. In our practice, we usually work with women on three- to six-month preconception plans to optimize their health, nutrition, as well as dive into deep detox.
We really want to emphasize that none of this is meant to scare or blame parents. The problems we’re seeing in kids are, though, a wake-up call to the fact that things need to change. It’s about learning the real risks and protecting ourselves and our kids.


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