Infertility diagnosis

Infertility affects 15% of couples. But it’s not a sentence!

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sex. About 9% of men and  11% of women of reproductive age have experienced fertility problems.

The reproductive system is a fairly complex mechanism &  there may be several reasons for its dysfunction. Therefore we recommend immediately undergoing a complete diagnosis of both partners. 

As the biggest country in Europe and an attractive medical tourism destination, Ukraine has accumulated an enormous database of medical cases over years. Together with traditional programs, Ukrainian clinics offer innovative solutions, such as stem cell therapy which has been studied in Ukraine since the early 1970s.

The crucial factor in treatment is accurate & timely diagnosis. 

It results from many factors, such as the qualification of gynecologists,  reproductologists, and geneticists, their case-based experience together with the latest technical equipment. All this ensures a successful comprehensive examination.

Without the right diagnosis, you lose time and chances of success. For instance,  timely diagnosed male infertility can be cured in 90% of cases.  Time is a key factor for both genders, as the quality of germ cells declines with age for both. That’s why our doctors start treatment with finding the root of the problem & try to do it quickly.

You can choose from 34 specialized reproductive health centers in Ukraine, that follow the standards of the World Health Organization & the European Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

If you want to have kids, then you cannot delay a visit to the clinic Infertility is not a sentence, and you can work it out with the help of a professional team. We partner with top infertility, vascular health & stem cells medical centers to provide a program that can match your needs.

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