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Regeneration with Stem Cells

Knee pain can have a different origin. Young people are more likely to suffer knee pain due to injuries. In the elderly, we see problems associated with physiological degenerative-dystrophic changes. Moreover, joints are often affected by autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Whatever the cause, you shouldn’t ignore joint pain.

Stem cells have a high ability to differentiate into connective tissue, and therefore, in cases of injured joints or age-related changes contribute to the regeneration of cartilage. In arthrosis and arthritis, the paracrine effect and anti-inflammatory action of stem cells help to reduce pain, improve regeneration processes and increase range of motion.

Stem cells in action

72% of our patients get a successful result. You will feel relief immediately, but the recovery of tissues can take up to 6-8 months. This is followed by stabilization. The healing effect of stem cells can be seen in the illustration below.

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Comprehensive therapeutic treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells contributes to:

  • reduction of pain syndrome
  • regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue
  • ligaments elasticity
  • increase in motor and functional activity of the joint

Clinic location:
Europe, Kyiv | Ukraine.
Costs: from 3 000 EUR. The BEST European price.
The price includes medical treatment, accommodation and meals. Features 4 star hotel in terms of accommodation, food and service.

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