December 3 2021

Kyiv Is One Of The Most Instagram Cities In The World

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites, located in the heart of Ukraine, generated a storm of likes. According to Design bundles, the Ukrainian capital ranked 4th, coming right after such well known destinations as Rome, Rio and Venice. Thus, Kyiv historic sites have been tagged a total of 21,9 million times! And there is a good reason for it – did you know that Kyiv is more than 1500 year old? 

Earlier the center of Kyiv, in particular the Golden Gate area, was ranked 16th in a British ranking of the best districts in the world. So, who else is on the list?

Top 10 the most popular cities in Instagram:

  1. Rome 
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Venice
  4. Kyiv
  5. Florence
  6. Prague
  7. Budapest
  8. Brasilia
  9. Saint-Petersburg
  10. Quito

There are so many reasons to visit Kyiv (not Kiev), from amazing historical sites, a vibrant modern atmosphere to top medical services. And each of them is already a good excuse to plan your trip to the capital of Ukraine. 

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