Modern Complex Orthopedics

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Impeccable Reputation for Nearly 30 Years

Our medical center was founded by orthopedic surgeon of the highest category in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults V. Veklich in 1992. He designed external fixation devices that provide low-invasive, bloodless and seamless surgery results with a dramatic reduction in treatment time. The patients from 36 countries have already opted for this technology. 

The team of highly experienced doctors is the core of the center. They not only hold international certificates, but also largely contribute to the development of the field of orthopedics and traumatology. They frequently publish scientific articles, hold patents for their own inventions and create programs for training doctors. Over 6000 complex operations are on their account, that brought back to active life even patients with the most complex pathologies. 

Innovative technologies, individual approach and the touch of highly experienced doctors  – that is what guarantees a desired result.

Your Comfort Matters

Unique low-invasive techniques allow to minimize interference with the patient’s body and guarantee a desired result and easy adaptation. Quality, safety, an individual approach is the motto of the clinic. We can meet you already at the airplane ladder and provide accommodation in a suite room on the territory of medical center.

We Successfully Treat

  • Genu Varum correction
  • Genu Valgum correction
  • Leg lengthening operation
  • Treatment of deforming arthrosis
  • Hallux valgus operation
  • Height increase operation in case of achondroplasia
  • Correction of limb length discrepancy
  • Treatment of hip joint dysplasia
  • Treatment of limb injuries and fractures
  • Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery
  • Height reduction surgery
  • Cruroplasty (plastic of the lower legs)

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