March 13 2021

Physical & Mental Pre-Pregnancy Detox

Planning to have a baby can be very exciting and draining too. As there is a lot to take care of around this life-changing experience.

Nature presents its demands too. Thus, for you to conceive, it makes sure that you have a sufficient amount of mental and physical resources to carry the pregnancy, give birth, and manage the first year of a baby’s life. Which can be a rather exhausting period. 

Some moms develop symptoms of depression and anxiety in late pregnancy or after birth. Some parents say that the experiences of giving birth and caring for a newborn baby are very different from what they were expecting. And dealing with constant pressure negatively affects their relationships.

Why? Because everything we bring into our body, including the experiences, uses some of our limited resources and leaves its print on our health. For instance, built-up stress courses weakened immune system, low sex drive, fertility, and erectile dysfunction. And therefore it is important to reset occasionally.

What to do? The best thing you can do before diving into parenthood is to pause and get your mental and physical supplies to their optimal level. This will help to prevent mental burnouts, physical illnesses and ultimately will support the good vibe in your relationships when dealing with constant unpredictable situations.

Where to start? We suggest considering a deep detox program to re-energize, cleanse your mind and body from accumulated stress and toxins. After all, stress has a major physiological impact on our bodies, especially when it is chronic. And, yes, unfortunately, you both will pass some harmful toxins to your baby at conception, just as your parents did to you. So make sure there will be as little of them as possible.

What else? Visit your doctor for a check-up. It will help you to identify and deal with factors that could affect your pregnancy. This concerns both partners. As your partner’s sperm health (count and quality) is also important when it comes to conceiving a healthy baby.

Having a robust immune system is critical for long-term health too. Therefore we also recommend seeing a dentist. As your strong immune system starts with a healthy mouth. Some oral health problems may lead to certain pregnancy complications, like premature birth.

Other key ingredients to store some power for happy parenting are quality sleep, sport, a healthy diet (opt for organic whenever possible), and optimal daily water intake. Note, that the ideal time to finish cleansing and start taking prenatal vitamins is three months before you try to conceive, as you need time to build them up in your body. Powered by folic acid, they are proven to reduce neural and heart defects, preterm birth, and even autism.

Choose well, stay calm and find joy in your new role as a parent.

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