Post COVID-19 Recovery

Safe and effective rehabilitation program

Long-term Covid-19 Effects

COVID-19 has a number of ”mysteries” involved, compared to a usual respiratory virus. The available data show that patients can be affected at a physical & psychological level, may experience symptomatic & asymptomatic long term effects. And that the main blow is taken by the brain, heart and lungs.

A large portion of which is likely to relate to:

  • the significant cellular damage that virus can cause
  • a hypercoagulable state, which increases risk for venous & arterial thrombosis of large & small vessels (lungs, heart & brain)
  • hypoxia & systemic inflammation

(!) Also in those who had mild versions of the disease. Thus, there are talks about unregistered ”long-term COVID-19 mortality” due to untreated complications.

Successful Treatment of Post-Covid Effects

The scientists & doctors of our medical center are among few that successfully diagnose & treat post COVID-19 effects incl. neurologic & vascular complications. Relying on their own half-century experience of using stem cells in the treatment of patients with various pathologies, they have developed a rehabilitation program to stabilize the immune system and restore the condition of patients after COVID-19.

Stem cell therapy:

  • ensures immunomodulation – optimization of the protective response
  • protects & improve a lung function: restores alveoli, prevents fibrosis and respiratory failure, significantly reduces the risk of mortality
  • protects other organs and tissues of the body, reduces the risk of non-specific complications
  • improves blood supply to all organs and tissues, accelerates the recovery of the body and rehabilitation after a viral infection.

After the treatment, shortness of breath is reducing, cough stops faster, breathing improves, endurance during physical activity increases.

Restore Your Quality of Life

The effectiveness of stem cells in COVID-19 treatment is studied in more than 70 clinical trials worldwide. Among them, Ukrainian center for stem cell therapy that demonstrated successful cases of treating patients with post COVID-19 complications.

We also closely cooperate with the Clinic of Vascular Innovations that offers alternative effective post COVID-19 rehab programs, that help with pathological changes in the vascular system and restore the functions on the microcirculatory level – capillaries.

Clinics are located in:
Europe, Kyiv | Ukraine.
Costs: 18 000 EUR. The BEST European price.
The price includes 7 days stay (medical treatment, accommodation, meals) at 4 star+ hotel in terms of accommodation, food and services.

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