Planning for pregnancy

Pre-pregnancy planning keeps you and your future baby healthy

Physical & mental pre-pregnancy detox

Often our concern for a baby starts when we get pregnant. But given the toxic load we carry and the fact that a baby will partially inherit it, we, both partners, should be doing a detox before trying to conceive. Did you know, that newborns have nearly 300 harmful toxins in their blood? As each following generation inherits the toxins of the previous ones, the diseases like diabetes and autism become more frequent and younger. 

Mental health matters too! Thus, built-up tension and stress combined with toxins, course risks associated with infertility, low sex drive, depression, pregnancy complications, and very common neural tube and heart defects in a baby. 

Why infertility? To conceive, your body makes sure that you have enough mental and physical resources to carry the pregnancy and manage the first year of a baby’s life. Which can be a rather exhausting period. Some parents say that the experience of caring for a newborn is very different from expected and it negatively affects their relationships. 

To keep you and your future baby healthy, we encourage you to restore your mental and physical resources before trying to conceive. Other key ingredients: health check-ups,  seeing a dentist, quality sleep, sport, healthy dietary, and optimal daily water intake. 

Weight loss

Excessive weight and obesity – a BMI of 25 or above – are associated with risks for you and your baby. The best way to protect both is to gradually stabilize your weight before you become pregnant. It will increase your chances of conceiving naturally and reduce the chance of problems associated with being overweight in pregnancy.

For a mommy. A raised BMI significantly increases the risk for a miscarriage, giving birth early, or a stillbirth. Other risks are thrombosis, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, cesarean birth. The higher your BMI, the greater the risks are.

For a baby. Higher chance of certain conditions like asthma, heart or neural tube defects. Premature infants are also at increased risk of having chronic health issues and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Where to start? If you have excess weight, and it is not the course of hormonal disorders, we suggest starting with a healthy weight loss program that also includes deep detoxification. 

What to expect?

At our 4+ star detox resort, you will restore your balance for a marathon called parenthood. It lies within a pine forest next to a private beach (river). Pine forests heal emotional burnouts and the respiratory system thanks to essential wood oils. The resort also features a restaurant, lounge hall and bar, spa, playground, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, mini football pitch, and a detox clinic. All personnel at the clinic have a medical background. 

Individual programs: Deep detox, Anti-stress, Weight Loss, Immune program, Rehabilitation after covid-19. Duration of the programs:  7-21 days. A healthy detox approach and the best European price, starting from only 900 EUR/week. 

What’s included?

Medical consultation, examination, and support, Determination of body composition, bioelectrical impedance analysis; Japanese long infrared Detox capsule Iyashi Dome; Pressotherapy (Starvac), Vacuum Roller Massage (Starvac), Underwater shower massage, Wrapping, Lymphatic drainage massage; SPA program «Medicinal herbs», Detox smoothies; Nordic walking, Special diet program; Accommodation, 24/7 medical advice, fast wifi.

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