March 13 2021

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Excessive weight and obesity – a BMI of 25 or above – are associated with risks for you and your baby. The best way to protect your health and your baby’s well-being is to gradually lose some weight before you become pregnant.

By stabilizing your weight, you increase your chances of conceiving naturally and reduce the chance of problems associated with being overweight in pregnancy.

For a mommy. A raised BMI significantly raises your risk of having a miscarriage, giving birth early, or having a stillbirth. Other risks are thrombosis, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, induction of labor, cesarean birth, anesthetic complications, and wound infections. The higher your BMI, the greater the risks are.

For a baby. Higher chance of certain conditions like asthma, heart or neural tube defects. Premature infants are also at increased risk of having chronic health issues and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

If you get pregnant before losing weight, try not to worry – most women who are overweight have a straightforward pregnancy and birth and have healthy babies. However, being overweight does increase the chance of complications for both, so try to do your best to minimize them.

Where to start?

If you have excess weight, and it is not the course of hormonal disorders, we suggest starting with our healthy weight loss program that also includes detoxification, limiting the intake of your daily calories, or start being more physically active.

Important! Do not take any dramatic jumps. Remember, that starving is a big stress for your body that can mess up your hormones.  Besides, it’s not the way to achieve sustainable results. A healthy and holistic approach is needed and we can help you on your way.

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