Psychiatric Treatment


Sergiy Khudoliy

18 years of experience
Medical director, PhD medicine

Anaesthesiologist-resuscitator, neurologist, narcologist. Developed methods of treatment physical & mental addictions. International work experience. Author of 3 patents, 100+ scientific articles & guidelines…more

Medical director at the center of modern addictology.
Anaesthesiologist-resuscitator, neurologist, narcologist, a specialist in healthcare management.
Together with colleagues, developed & implemented methods that in a short time allow solving the problem of physical & mental dependence in patients with various types of addiction. An individual and qualified approach, open communication & mutual understanding with the patient are a key to success in the treatment of even the most severe conditions.
Has worked abroad, participated in training & internships with leading specialists in the field of treatment & intensive care in narcology (Europe & Israel).
Author of 3 patents, of 100+ scientific articles & guidelines on neurophysiology, neurology, and anesthesiology.

Borys Yvnev

30 years of experience
Ph.D. medicine, psychotherapist, professor
Successfully apply clinical hypnosis for the treatment of addictions. Member of the European Society of Neuroscience. Author of 4 scientific monographs, 221 scientific articles on neurophysiology & psychiatry…more

Ph.D. medicine, psychotherapist, professor.
In his practice, he successfully applied clinical hypnosis within the combination treatment of various types of addictions. The result of treatment is making the patient indifferent to the factors forming the addiction (for example, alcohol, drugs, gambling).

Member of the European Society of Neuroscience, member of the Presidium of the Association of Psychiatrists and Psychoanalysts of Ukraine, member of the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH), ambassador of Ukraine at ESH, member of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH).
Author of 4 scientific monographs, 221 scientific articles on neurophysiology & psychiatry.

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