December 30 2021

Can You Ship Embryos, Eggs Or Sperm Internationally? How Much Does It Cost?

There are many experienced international transporting companies specializing in cryoshipping. They take extra good care of human reproductive cells (frozen eggs or oocytes, sperm, and embryos) as well as medical records for fertility clinics and patients. 

The price for our all-inclusive door-to-door hand-carry service between both IVF-clinics depends on the number of cells, type of storage devices to be transported in, origin and destination cities, routing, the actual date of transfer, and how far in advance the air tickets can be booked. Thus, shipment costs typically lay within the following range:

  • Europe to Europe 1640 EUR – 3200 EUR in 2-4 days
  • Europe – the USA 2760- 3690 EUR in 2-6 days
  • Europe – Australia 3280 – 4600 EUR in 4-10 days

In some countries, the local regulations can be strict, which can result in potentially long delays or even refusal when applying for genetic material export approval. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult with an agent that has real experience in shipment between particular countries. At MedCare Ukraine we hold such expertise and can recommend trusted clinics and couriers for your specific case. 

What causes poor embryo or human reproductive cell quality?

There can be many causes including an inappropriate stimulation protocol and its execution, adverse conditions in the embryology laboratory, a cycle-specific suboptimal response, a genetic abnormality in the gametes of either the male or female partner or a genetic abnormality in the embryo. Other important factors to be aware of are the freezing method, preservation conditions, transportation, and thawing process. Sadly, not all embryos will survive the freezing and thawing process and very occasionally no embryos will survive. Therefore we advise to choose carefully your IVF clinics and biomaterial couriers to ensure that they follow optimal protocols. The rule of thumb: the less people touch your biomaterial – the better.

We understand that the most precious thing for future parents is the confidence that your biomaterial will arrive fast and safely to the destination. And we are happy to provide this additional peace of mind to you and be your safety net when choosing the right IVF clinic or courier. We currently work with over 30 highly experienced IVF clinics and 7 international cryoshipping couriers, that help patient from more than 80 countries worldwide on a daily basis.

For precise delivery terms and cost, please provide us with all relevant information about your cryoshipment, including cell type and quantity, type of storage device, indicate sending and receiving IVF clinics, and shipment date. And we will contact you with details within 24 hours. 


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