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Treating sports injuries and recovering from the extensive competition with stem cell therapy used to be a procedure typically reserved for top athletes. Thus, cell therapy was used by NFL & NBA athletes, soccer & tennis players who were concerned about their performance and career longevity. But this therapy is not limited to high-profile athletes anymore. 

Stem-cell therapy for sports rehabilitation is used to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Also known as regenerative medicine, it repairs diseased, dysfunctional, or injured tissue. Stem cells can form bone, cartilage, muscle, and adipose cells. In response to injury, they produce proteins altering the surrounding environment and promoting healing and tissue regeneration, such as anti-inflammatory factors, angiogenic factors (promote the growth of new blood vessels), and other factors stimulating local, tissue-specific stem cells.

Stem cells get directly injected into the joint or affected area and are regarded as an effective and safe non-invasive technique of sports rehabilitation.

Proven results

Over 100 National Football League (NFL) players in America have used stem cell therapy in the past few years in aid to recovery, speed up healing, or rebuild damaged muscles or tissue.

In 2016, Christiano Ronaldo undertook treatment for a torn hamstring to recover sooner for a Champions League match, a competition they went on to win.

Tennis star Rafael Nadal has used the therapy twice; once on a knee and the other on a back problem. Since having both therapies, he has gone on to win major tournaments and become the world’s number 1 tennis player on more than one occasion.

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The goal of our stem cell treatment is the minimization of injury, quicker healing, and restoration to return to the professional activity or favorite sport as early as possible.

Stem cell therapy is finally becoming more mainstream for both: athletes – giving them an innovative edge over their competitors – and people dealing with non-sport-related injuries. As clinical trials continue, the technology advances at an astonishing rate.

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