December 8 2021

Stem Cells – Alternative To ACL Injuries?

ACL – Anterior Cruciate – is a major ligament in your knee that maintains the stability of your knee joint. It helps in moving or rotating your knee and kicking. If the ACL is hurt, the knee becomes unstable, leading to your knee joint being more damaged with time. In that case, an ACL treatment – surgery and physiotherapy – is required. ACL reconstruction is surgery to replace a torn ACL. It is an outpatient surgery performed by an orthopedic surgeon.

Most ACL injuries happen in sports or fitness after, for example, sudden stop or change of direction, incorrect or imbalanced landing from a jump, or hard direct hit to the knee.

Risks Related to ACL Reconstruction

As ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure, the risk of bleeding and infection in the surgical area is associated with it like any other surgery. Other common post-surgery issues may include:

  • Late and poor healing of the graft
  • Suffering from knee pain
  • Failure of the graft after returning to sport

Non-Invasive Alternative

Until recently, ACL surgeries were often the only way for patients to escape the pain, stiffness, and stability loss that comes with the injury. Fortunately, medical progress gives the hope of better treatment and care. Thus, stem cell therapy may become a viable way for some patients to heal torn knee ligaments while avoiding invasive ACL surgeries.

According to Sports Illustrated, over a thousand elite athletes, including medal-winning Olympic participants, have received stem cell therapy. Among them: Tiger Woods (professional golfer), Christiano Ronaldo and  Andriy Shevchenko (soccer), Rafael Nadal (tennis player), Michael Schumacher (Formula One champion), Max Scherzer (baseball pitcher), Taylor Gold (Olympic snowboarder), and many others.

That number is only increasing as stem cell therapies have been helping athletes recover more quickly from new inquiries and deal with old traumas. Besides, this type of therapy has become more accessible also for other patients.

If you consider non-surgical regenerative therapies for an ACL tear or joint pain, MedCare Ukraine can help you to find out if you are a candidate for such treatment.

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