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We Know Your Pain...

Waiting, unsuccessful trials, countless appointments, the hope, the despair, the heartbreak… An awful lot of questions,  misleading information, prejudice, feeling hopeless and worn out.

At MedCare Ukraine, we are fully aware of what some people go through on their way to become parents.  And we genuinely want to make this journey more human and comfortable to all, by providing all necessary validated information and access to the right experts. So, you will be able to make an informed decision and become parents by engaging in a friendly, transparent, secure & affordable process. 

Our primary concern is that the rights of all three parties: a baby – surrogate mother – a couple are explicitly addressed; that clinics are well regulated, and surrogate mothers are given proper care and consenting. It’s so important that everyone has the whole picture before it starts. Many things can and do go wrong if you’re not counselled and guided through the process accordingly.

What is Surrogacy Service?

Gestational surrogacy is a medical service or a method of treating infertility. It allows a couple to become parents of a genetically related child when a woman’s health does not allow her to carry a pregnancy. Therefore, using IVF, an embryo of genetic parents is carried by a surrogate mother.

Although gestational surrogacy increases options for family building, this treatment involves medical, psychosocial, ethical and legal complexities that must be taken seriously  to minimize risks of adverse outcomes for the gestational carrier, intended parents, and children.

Thus, it is important that all parties in the surrogacy program understand that, in addition to rights, there are responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. And that all agreements must be documented to prevent abuse from agencies towards surrogate mothers, but also from surrogate mothers towards agencies and intended parents.

Safe, Secure & Affordable Surrogacy

For heterosexual officially married couples Ukraine is now the most attractive, affordable & legally secure option. As it has the most robust legal framework of any country, even more than so-called “surrogacy friendly” US destinations like California. Surrogacy law in Ukraine clearly states that a donor or a surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child and the prospective parents are legal parents from the very moment of conception. 

We believe that everyone’s best surrogacy journey involves complete transparency, expectation alignment, and a loving couple forming personal relationships with a surrogate mother. Therefore we encourage intended parents to make responsible choices and share this fantastic experience with a surrogate mom for a more rewarding process to all. 

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  • Altruistic and commercial gestational surrogacy are fully supported by law
  • Embryo and egg donation is legal and regulated by law
  • Your contract is enforceable by law
  • Intended parents are the legal parents from the moment of conception
  • Donors and surrogate mother have no custody or parent right over a baby
  • No court processes required
  • Mandated protections for both surrogate mother and parents
  • Heteroseksual legally married couples only
  • Medical reasons for surrogacy in spouses (woman)
  • Documents necessary for surrogacy: agreements, contracts, test results.
  • A genetic connection of at least one of the future parents with the child.
  • No direct genetic connection of the surrogate mother with the child. Close relatives of future parents (a mother, a sister, a cousin, etc.) are allowed to carry a pregnancy

The Health Ministry of Ukraine regulates the details of surrogacy in Ukraine, giving guidelines that protect the surrogate mother (SM) and ensure a healthy outcome to the process. Under the guidelines, SM must be:

  • Between 25-35 years old
  • The natural mother of at least one child
  • Mentally and physically capable of becoming a surrogate mother (confirmed by various tests)

NB! Psychological tests of surrogate mothers are not mandatory, but responsible agencies organize such tests for surrogate mothers before entering the program.

  • SM may have no relation to commissioning parents
  • A legal surrogacy agreement must be signed between the parents and the surrogate mother

The selection process for possible mothers for surrogacy in Ukraine is difficult and thorough. And it’s one of the reasons that is crucial for many couples in the decision making process. 

  • Article 48 of the Law of Ukraine Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care contains the norm, which states that the use of artificial insemination and the embryo implantation are carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, due to the spouses’ medical reasons. This requires the spouses’ written consent, ensuring the donor’s anonymity, and preserving the medical confidentiality.
  • The Civil Code of Ukraine (Article 281) stipulates that an adult female or a male has the right due to medical reasons to undergo therapeutic programs of assisted reproductive technologies in accordance with the procedure and conditions established by the legislation
  • The Family Code of Ukraine (Article 123) defines the origin of a child born as a result of the application of assisted reproductive technologies, as follows: in the case of transferring into the body of another woman an embryo of a person conceived by the spouses (a male and a female) as a result of the application of assisted reproductive technologies, the child’s parents are the spouses.

It depends on the individual needs of a couple, including medical. But normally it lies between 36-55 000 USD, the guaranteed birth programs are quite common too and run about 55-60 000 USD. It means that the clinic will continue doing IVF cycles and embryo transfers until you hold a baby in your arms. 

Surrogacy is a complex process and involves many components that build up the price of a program. Operational costs in Ukraine are about one third of what they are in the USA. That includes legal fees, costs of living, transportation, price of medical service and medications. In fact the surrogate mother in Kyiv earns more in real terms than the one living in the USA, while still experiencing excellent medical care.

The surrogacy process in Ukraine does not require any court orders, making this process even more affordable in terms of fees. 

At the same time with Ukraine you employ excellent medical care. Ukraine’s private facilities rank among the top in Europe. So, you can be as good about going for any medical treatment to Kyiv as you were going to London.

The professionalism of doctors at times is even superior compared to other European countries, as there are 34 specialized reproductive health centers in Ukraine. They have a long history in offering exceptionally high & consistent results. Mainly because of individual approach, accurate & timely diagnosis thanks to 45+ years of ongoing research and 30+ years of clinical practices. Besides, they follow the standards of the World Health Organization & the European Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Along with the generally excellent quality of medical care in Ukraine, we still point out that just – like in other destinations worldwide – there are profit driven monolithic surrogacy “corporations”, ghost surrogate moms’ agencies (registered offshore and thus not complying with national law) that regularly cut corners, take advantage of needy women and thus put babies at increased risk of health problems. That’s why they are able to offer the cheapest programs.

Sadly, the ‘black market’ exists just about anything and anywhere. But if intended parents take the time to find the right help, build personal relationships with all involved parties to understand who they are & why they do it, surrogacy Ukraine can offer the intended parents the gift of life.

It all depends on your medical background and the program you choose.

If you want your embryos to be transported to the Ukrainian clinic by specialized currer, you are only required to come once.

Else at least two times. The first time you need to come to get all the paperwork done and submit biological material. The second time is before the child’s birth and in order to prepare documents for departure from Ukraine. If you wish, you can come to Ukraine as often as you want. And we always encourage intended parents to share this fantastic experience with a surrogate mom at least in online format for a more rewarding process to all. 

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Karen, USA

Highly recommended! MedCare Ukraine completely put my mind at ease when dealing with an overseas surrogacy. Their availability and approachability make them extremely easy to work with. I can’t say enough about how much they have helped us in our journey. Highest rating possible!

Highly recommended! MedCare Ukraine completely put my mind at ease when dealing with an overseas surrogacy. Their availability and approachability make them extremely easy to work with. I can’t say enough about how much they have helped us in our journey. Highest rating possible!

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