Rehabilitation after stroke and neurological diseases

Stem cells help to improve motor function, speech and neurological status.

Revolutionary Treatment Method

Rehabilitation of patients after stroke and neurological diseases is a huge challenge for not only the patient but also for the family. Thus, stem cell transplantation can significantly improve this process, being one of the revolutionary treatment methods based on cell therapy.

A stroke disrupts blood supply of certain brain parts, damaging nerve cells. It leads to serious or even irretrievable changes to usual body functions. Rehabilitation of patients after the stroke is a long and complex process that requires a holistic approach, such as drug support, physiotherapy, physical therapy and psychotherapy. The cell therapy is not a replacement for standard therapy in the stroke management. It is an additional approach that may gain extra improvement of cognitive and motor functions. Patients undergoing cell therapy, do not need to temporarily stop other types of pharmaceutical or physical therapy.

Cell therapy increases the rehab efficiency

The use of stem cells helps to achieve the following results:

  • prevention of stroke site hardening in the brain
  • regeneration of the affected brain area
  • improvement of microcirculation and energy metabolism in neurons and neuroglia cells
  • normalization of processes of nerve impulse transmission
  • increase production of biogenic amines and stabilization of neurotransmitter metabolism
  • Immune benefits
  • Inflammation reduction

Regeneration of damaged brain areas using stem cells helps to improve motor function, speech and neurological status. Patients begin to se changes within a few weeks after the infusion and continue experience functional gains until full regeneration ( 3-6 months ). Achieved improvement is permanent. Specialists of our clinics have been delivering successful patient rehabilitation after the stroke for over 15 years.

Process & Location

What to expect?

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Health checkup
  • Stem cells infusion
  • Medical report and recommendations
  • Post treatment support

Clinics location:
Europe, Kyiv | Ukraine. Costs: from 18 000 EUR (adult) . The BEST European price.
Europe, Munich | Germany. Costs: 40 000 EUR (adult), 12 000 EUR (child).
Price all inclusive per 2-4 days stay (medical treatment, accommodation, meals). 4 star hotel in terms of accommodation, food and security.

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