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Regular body maintenance

Some people take better care of their cars than their bodies, but just like a car, your body needs regular maintenance, including rest and cleaning. Cleansing is vital to maintaining your health, preventing disease and improving your performance.

Everything we bring into our body and all the experiences we put our bodies through need to be processed. Take away: there are no quick fixes – your body needs continual support, which means you need regular cleanse and reset.

Be aware that detoxing is bio-individual. Which means  “there’s no one-size-fits-all solution’’ and therefore opt for individual programs.

What to expect?

It’s not just a medical clinic. It’s 4+ star resort at the riverside, surrounded by beautiful pine forest. As a matter of fact, coniferous forests are well known for healing emotional burnouts and the respiratory system thanks to essential wood oils.

The resort is spread over a large territory with only 119 rooms and just 18 spots for guests doing health programs at the clinic. Therefore it is the perfect place for you to reset, not only your physical body, but a soul too.

Resort also features: restaurant, lounge hall and bar, spa, playground, outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, mini football pitch and a detox clinic. All personnel at the clinic have a medical background. 

Programs (7-21 days) :

  • Deep detox
  • Weight loss
  • Anti-stress
  • Post covid-19 recovery

From 1050 EUR/7 days (Best European Price)

*Book for 14 days or more and receive complimentary comprehensive medical checkup and a transfer.

What’s included?

  • Full board (accommodation and personal diet program)
  • Individual 7 days program

Highlights: Medical consultation, examination and support, Determination of body composition, Bioelectrical impedance analysis,  Japanese long infrared Detox capsule Iyashi Dome,  Pressotherapy (Starvac), Vacuum Roller Massage (Starvac), Underwater shower massage, Wrapping, Lymphatic drainage massage,  Floating, SPA program «Medicinal herbs», Detox smoothies; Moderate training bodyflex and Nordic walking, 24/7 medical advice, wifi.


You will clean your body in a healthy, gentle and natural way. And it will love you back for being taken care of! By giving you a higher energy and stronger immune system, better health indicators and normalized weight.

You will enjoy the healing effect of nature, moderate exercises, delicious food and – at the same time – purge your body of pollutants and toxins with the help of doctors.  This way you will prolong your quality of life and beauty!


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